Street Structures were recently contacted by DPS Architects Ltd, to design, manufacture and install 4 supported canopies to Balaji Temple in Oldbury. The canopies provided were split into 2 designs, a larger and smaller canopy. The larger design consisted of 2 CHS Posts, welded to base plates at the bottom of the stairs, rising to meet an RHS runner, which is slanted at an angle, following the approach of the stairs. At the top of the stairs, 2 more CHS posts can be found, rising to meet an identical RHS runner. Joining the runners are 7 smaller RHS beams, forming a series of box frames to hold the glazing. The glass used in this project was 9.5mm thick, clear, thermally toughened safety glass, totalling 12 panes, fixed via 35, dual, stainless-steel UDDL planar fixings. The structure is complete with a gutter and RWP, aided by the angled design, encouraging swift water run-off.

Works at Balaji Temple have since finished, following the successful installation of the 4 canopies for DPS, we look forward to working with them again in the future.