At Street Structures we offer a range of bespoke glass shelters to suit both functional and aesthetic needs of your projects. Our team of highly talented and experienced individuals will design, manufacture and fit your bespoke glass shelter for your project. Whether you require a small, stylish shelter or a large scale practical shelter, we can offer you a bespoke solution.

Here at Street Structures we have ample experience with a range of shelter designs, from creating 3 bay passenger shelters with vertical end panels in modern and contemporary styles or in elegant Victorian styles. We also have a vast experience in creating practical and urban styled bike shelters with steel structures.

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Technical Specifications

All of our products are made from CE marked materials and are carefully selected for their unrivalled quality and robust performance. They’re built to last. The majority of our manufacturing and installation is bespoke, to suit our clients specification and exacting requirements.



Upto 8 meters in Width



Tinted Glass available



Choice of glass, steel or polycarbonate

Previous Clients

Over the past 18 years, we have partnered along side award-winning architects and contractors, working on glass shelters for both commercial and public sectors.